Young People

Young Person's Toolkit


Whether you’re in education or know someone in education who is due to make decisions about their future, it’s important to fully understand what options are available. We’ve pulled together a variety of resources that can be used by young people, parents, teachers, careers advisors and so many more to help inspire and inform young people to follow the path that best suits them!


Maximise your potential

An introduction to understanding the elaborate landscape of options available to take the next steps in your future.


Pathways to your future

Keen to learn more about your options? Find out about the different pathways you can follow, the transferable skills employers are looking for, as well as sector insights that offer examples of in demand jobs and their average salaries. There is far more on offer in North Wales than you would have imagined!


Insights Into North Wales’ Sectors

Get to know the key sectors in North Wales! We spoke to nine individuals who are currently pursuing successful careers in their respective sectors. Hear from other young people about their experiences in the sector, explaining the top three skills you need to do their roles, the pathways they’ve followed to get where they are today, and why they chose to return or stay in North Wales to work.


Snapshots from Young People

Still not convinced that North Wales is a great place to take the next steps in your future? These case studies offer a wider insight into the sectors in North Wales, capturing a variety of different pathways to follow and also show that it’s ok to change your mind. Remember, decisions you make now don’t have to determine the rest of your life.

Ever thought about a career in low carbon energy? Whether it's nuclear, marine, or wind power, the possibilities are endless. North Wales has many opportunities for young talent like you! Have a look at these videos for inspiration and all the info you need to kickstart your journey toward a career in the low carbon energy sector!