The North Wales Regional Skills Partnership (RSP) is one of four strategic bodies across Wales, established in 2012 as part of the Welsh Government's broader approach to regional economic development. Each RSP advises the Welsh Government on skills provision, identifying regional priorities for skills investment based on employer demand and labour market intelligence.

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Our Focus

Since 2014, the North Wales RSP has been bringing together employers, skills providers and key local stakeholders to better understand and resolve skills mismatches at a local level and regional level. The partnership works to identify current and future regional skills needs and uses this intelligence to ensure the most suitable and relevant provision is available for our future generations!

The main role of the RSP is to address skills shortages by influencing post-16 skills provision in North Wales based on labour market intelligence and employer-led insight. The RSP pools intelligence from across the labour market system, leverages existing networks and provides vital strategic advice, oversight and recommendations to decision-makers.

The RSP forms part of the Welsh Government’s broader approach to regional economic development, including the commitment in the Economic Action Plan to strengthen regional strategic planning. The North Wales RSP also supports the North Wales Growth Deal by working with project partners to scope and understand the skills requirements of the Growth Deal investment. Once these skills are identified, the information is collated and used to lobby providers and Welsh Government for changes in provision.

Our Regional Skills and Employment Plan

Following an ask to the RSP from Welsh Government in 2019 to take a more strategic, long-term view of the skills system in the region, the RSP are now on their second iteration of a three-year Skills and Employment plan. The aim of the 2023-2025 Skills and Employment Plan is to get the North Wales skills system working harder and smarter to meet jobs, now and in the future. Underpinning our Skills and Employment Plan is the North Wales Skills Blueprint, highlighting 3 priorities that are required to support the skills and employment landscape over the next 3 years. The priorities were drawn together through extensive evidence base on regional needs, consultation feedback from a wide range of employers, providers and key stakeholders.

The RSP's priorities for 2023 - 2025 are:

  • Enabling and Empowering Employers
  • Enabling and Empowering Individuals
  • How Support is Provided and Making the Connections

Young Person's Toolkit


Whether you’re in education or know someone in education who is due to make decisions about their future, it’s important to fully understand what options are available. We’ve pulled together a variety of resources that can be used by young people, parents, teachers, careers advisors and so many more to help inspire and inform young people to follow the path that best suits them!


Maximise your potential

An introduction to understanding the elaborate landscape of options available to take the next steps in your future.


Pathways to your future

Keen to learn more about your options? Find out about the different pathways you can follow, the transferable skills employers are looking for, as well as sector insights that offer examples of in demand jobs and their average salaries. There is far more on offer in North Wales than you would have imagined!


Insights Into North Wales’ Sectors

Get to know the key sectors in North Wales! We spoke to nine individuals who are currently pursuing successful careers in their respective sectors. Hear from other young people about their experiences in the sector, explaining the top three skills you need to do their roles, the pathways they’ve followed to get where they are today, and why they chose to return or stay in North Wales to work.


Snapshots from Young People

Still not convinced that North Wales is a great place to take the next steps in your future? These case studies offer a wider insight into the sectors in North Wales, capturing a variety of different pathways to follow and also show that it’s ok to change your mind. Remember, decisions you make now don’t have to determine the rest of your life.

The Board

The strategic scope and influence of the RSP reflects its increasingly important role in articulating skills demand at a regional and local level. The influence of the recent Regional Employment and Skills Plan has been extended to inform a number of policy areas highlighted in the priorities of the RSP Action Plan. To deliver the goals of the Action Plan, formal Working Groups have been established to report progress to the RSP Board on a regular basis. The Working Groups lead and coordinate the operational aims and objectives of the Action Plan Priorities. To date, the RSP has formally established an Employability Working Group, Chaired by Niall Waller, a Work Based Learning Provider’s Working Group, Chaired by Pryderi Ap Rhisiart, a Public Sector Employer Cluster Group, Chaired by Heather Johnson and a Construction Employer Cluster Group, Chaired by Alison Hourihane. The Terms of Reference and Minutes of these groups are also made available.


David Roberts

Chair of the North Wales RSP


Niall Waller

Chair of the North Wales Employability Group


Alison Hourihane

Chair of the Construction Employer Cluster Group


Heather Johnson

Chair of the Public Sector Employer Cluster Group


Pryderi Ap Rhisiart

Chair of the Digital Skills Network


Lucy Rimmer

Sub-chair of the Digital Skills Network and Digital Dozen


Llinos Howaston

Health & Social Care, North Wales Workforce Board


Ifer Gwyn

Energy Sector - BP


Martin Edwards



Nerys Bourne

Careers Wales & Working Wales


Andrew Evans

Bangor University


Scott Davis

Manufacturing, Delta Rock Group


Tony Potter

Department for Work and Pensions

Our Sub-groups



Work Based LearningWork-based Learning Provider Group – Brings together work-based learning providers from across the region to collectively develop solutions to meet provision challenges and issue arising. It focuses on the strategic direction of travel for current and future work-based learning provision and delivery within the context of Welsh Government skills priorities and the labour market.

Employability Working GroupEmployability Working Group - Overall, the group plays a crucial role in driving collective efforts to enhance employability outcomes by fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and advocacy. It also serves as a platform for sharing information, research, and best practices related to employability.

Construction Employer Cluster GroupConstruction Employer Cluster Group - Specific objectives are to support employers and to have a clear voice to ensure that the employer needs can shape the provision and progression pathways for skills development, education, and training in construction jobs. The group also aims to help diversify entrants into the sector, including increasing the number of women in construction.

Digital Skills Employer Cluster GroupDigital Skills Employer Cluster Group - brings together employers of all sizes, from all sectors, from across the region to share their challenges, opportunities, and best practice. Forms part of the wider network associated with the Digital Dozen, a smaller group of employers who come together to set the priorities and actions for the network.

Public Sector Employer Cluster GroupPublic Sector Employer Cluster Group - The group brings together public sector employers across the region to support employer demand for growth via higher level skills and to deliver key messages to inform and influence our regional providers to respond with appropriate provision.

Our vision is that North Wales is a region where the people, and specifically their skills and abilities, are a key driver of economic development and well-being

The Team



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Regional Employment and Skills Plans and the Planning and Funding Template are currently the main mechanism for RSPs to inform Welsh Government’s strategic approach to the delivery of employment and skills provision.

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